Producing in the Home Studio with Pro Tools Third Edition

Now in its third edition, the first book ever written about Pro Tools has been updated for Pro Tools 7.3, including all of the most recent improvements and features. It explains the entire production process, from initial song demo to final master, while showing you how Pro Tools supports each step.

The accompanying DVD-ROM includes 24 instructional videos on Pro Tools setups and techniques, in addition to 50 Pro Tools sessions that demonstrate techniques described in the book. Practice the production process using four “Project” songs in different genres (rock, hip-hop, electronica, and jazz).

Learn to:
• Use all the powerful features of Pro Tools
• Set up your home studio and improve the efficiency of your recording system
• Position microphones to capture superior sounds
• Record and edit high-quality audio and MIDI tracks
• Run a recording session and elicit the best performances from an artist
• Mix and master your recordings like the pros
• Transform your song demos into professional sounding master tracks